Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indoor @ kid's e world Ikano

Good Morning.

Last sunday we went to Kid's E World for indoor session with our son . The better place for parents who were afraid of sun likes us and a better place for your son who doesn't know what is KidsZania and job is all about.

Its located at Ikano .Other than Ikano, there is branch in The Garden Mid Valley too.

Admission fee is 50 ringgit per child and for parents was free during weekend and only 30 for weekdays.Owh by the way, you MUST bring your own sock! CLEAN sock. They won't allow you to enter the play gym without it.

There have separate playroom for toddler and for baby aged below than 4. They also offered a party room to be booked if you planned to have birthday party here.

At the beginning , my son was quite shy and scared to be together with other kids. He keep on crying and asked me to go home. He refused to play. I'm a bit disappointed as my son won't have his courage. It made me thinks"Are we the type of protective parents?". A bit stress and emo but I managed to calm it down. Breath in Breath out !! Both of us try to soothe and encourage him to be a bit brave and confident with him self.

Finally he stepped forward and joined the crowd. Hish!! Ah tantrum is anywhere!!!

Once his mood were set up , wah!!! Seems his forgot he had parent LOL.

Moral of the story , I should bring my son to participate this kind of indoor activities more often.

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